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    Hi Sarah, my job description is below. The only thing I am not involved in is annual reviews. I would say the bulk of my role is access arrangements, EP liaison and Nurture group. I also do a daily lunchtime cover with the SEN students.

    Work closely with the SENCO, scrutinising applicants for school places with EHCPs (Education, Health and Care Plans), identifying the extent to which the school can meet their needs, making recommendations for additional resources needed
    • Liaise with primary schools for Year 7 entrants or other schools for mid-term admissions, attending annual reviews for individual students where practical.
    • Interpret information obtained from the assessment procedures used by the school to inform students’ learning needs; identifying and advising on provision for students with SEN
    • Track and monitor progress, using school data collection and analysis systems, intervening and advising of interventions as needed
    • Take part in Student Review Group meetings, and liaise with other staff in the school as needed to ensure students’ progress is at least good.
    • Liaison with external support services with regard to individual students with special educational needs, representing the school as appropriate, including transition arrangements for new students.
    • Working with the EP with regard to individual students as required, advising the school on strategies to be implemented or action to be taken
    • Take actions as necessary with respect to the EHCP process and students with EHCP e.g. collating evidence and presenting this to the SENCO as part of the EHCP application process
    • Liaise with assessor for examination concessions for students with special needs after identification of students by the SENCO and ensuring that access arrangements are put in place
    • Liaise with Year teams and the BES Team Leader to ensure that students with SEMH needs have suitable programmes of support
    • Meet with parents regarding individual students’ progress, focusing on those with EHCP, and contributing to annual reviews where practical
    • Lead training and contribute to training of LSAs and other members of teaching and support staff
    • Lead Nurture Group daily with 10 KS3 students