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    In our school we have been lucky to have a learning support assistant who is a gymnast and tap dancer teacher. She observed several OT assessments and also had a morning training with our OT around the work he was doing with a particular child. I have asked for reports with recommendations from Its and our LS implements them. Unfortunately she comes in only twice a week- and timetabling is a nightmare. We evidently do not want to take kids out of core subjects. The result is that her time is not put to as good use as I would hope. Also I am keen to raise awareness about sensory diets that she can implement at school. Sadly most of our OTs are very busy and the one who could take on new children does not do sensory work, in my motor work.

    Lastly, we have got our Sensory motor LS to also work with handwriting. Im hoping this will take off fully.

    I would also love to embed OT work in art, PE and maths lessons ….but that is taking time to implement.

    I’m so glad you asked this question. Answering it has cleared my thoughts!