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    Good advice already given by others thought I would share. Having regular meetings with Department Heads can be useful to keep SEN upper most in minds. Don’t go to all meetings, schedule 1 per term with core subjects which will equate to 3 meetings a year and try to fit in others so I meet at least once a year minimum. I make it to the start and go over a few areas and then leave. It usually takes 10 minutes and keeps SEN firmly at the front of QFT planning. Also meet with SLT and give a one page account of the key elements of the week so SEN is planned for whole school. NASEN have free on-line training that staff can complete as part of their Performance Management.

    Previous school I had SEN Champions, (volunteer) members of each department would ensure that SEN was always uppermost. Each received training in areas that their department had highlighted and then cascaded to rest of departments. This helps as not all subjects have same needs. We had termly meetings to catch up and plan for future.