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    Its all work in progress and I’ll post a pic once it’s all done. I have a desk on which I do my admin stuff. Laptop , phone, space to write on hard docs. I removed all clutter such as stationery and put it in an easily accessible cupboard right next to me. That cupboard contains my SEND files as well as intervention program resources that I am leading. Across from me at my desk, one chair for people who drop in for a chat.
    I had requested a 1m diameter meeting table with 4 chairs. That got vetoed by the bursar. So I just took a two seater desk, placed it at right angles to.mine in the middle of the room, and added to chairs that easily slip under it. Bingo. Any meeting with teacher and parent I can move to this table and have my meeting. Perfect. Or low this am I had a meeting with a year 1 teacher to talk about pupils she was worried about: I moved my laptop to the meeting table and say side by side to talk. It was super.
    My old office (which was tucked away by the gym, a store room,) is now the children’s bubble room where children can request adult facilitated meetings either for themselves or for dialogue amongst friends if theirs)
    The biggest plus about where my office is now is that I’m right in between the heads office and the staff room. That has given me sooo many interesting snippet conversations with all the staff. I now feel I have my finger on the pulse of the school.. my has all.made SUCH a difference work.