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Hi all,

I only teach 1 lesson out of 30, however I only have admin assistance for 3 hours a week from our reprographics operator, who while really lovely, is a non-specialist and with 3 hours a week it doesn’t really give me time to get her up to speed. I have 62 EHCPs in school, a further 90 on the SEN register and 6 pending plans. This is heavier in KS3 so I know that this load is likely to increase and it isn’t looking like I am getting an assistant or anything like that any time soon. When I started the role in 2014 there were only 5 EHCPs! We have an ELP and this is led by the ELP lead so he takes on responsibility for 30 of the EHCPs – all other plans and all of the K students are my responsibility in regards to planning and running interventions for and completing any paperwork/parental contact etc and applying for any EHCPs.

I have a brilliant SEN specialist teacher who does the teaching that I would be doing to free me up to do my job, but I am still struggling to get it all done! And she is on full timetable.

We have a team of 25 LSAs who between myself and the ELP lead we share line management and timetabling of.

Hope that helps!