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    Catherine, we have training on lots of different subjects related to what we’re doing in school. In the past this has included supporting dyslexia, autism, autism and girls, ADHD, grammar, maths mastery etc. Currently we the training is on memory (in relation to Rosenshine’s principals of instruction), vocabulary (STAR approach), questioning, and using the EEF Scaffolding Framework for pupil-adult interaction (I use adult rather than TA as all adults are asked to record level of independence using this model which I have numbered 1-5). Our training sessions and meetings reflect what is discussed in staff meetings with teachers. The staff meetings have regular items on the agenda such as safeguarding reminders and updates. We have also used these sessions to share ideas on supporting children with complex needs. As we have new staff, training is repeated which also gives refreshers to more experienced TAs who can share their ideas.