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    Hi Niki,

    Firstly welcome to the SENCO forum and in your new role as SENCo. Hope you are enjoying it.

    It sounds as though you have a little person who is really struggling! This could take a lot of unpicking to work out why they are so upset – it could be due to a whole range of aspects, some that are not always yet known. Unpicking what is happening through observations etc and some play based work can provide you with some ideas as to the correct form of intervention as there are so many resilience programs out there but they need to be very child specific and make sure they target the exact reasons for barriers to learning.

    This sounds like a really complex one and I am more then happy for you to give me a call confidentially and none child specific if that would help? I can then be more specific ad ask you questions to make sure advice we give is secure. My contact details are on my website.