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Steph Reed is an independent Autism Specialist Teacher and Consultant who supports schools and services with sustaining, high-quality autism practice and provision, through building capacity and staff development.

She has extensive experience teaching in autism specialist and mainstream settings, as well as developing and leading a special school outreach program and as a mainstream SENCo.

Her personal experience of Dyslexia, ADD and scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome also fuel a passion for personalised, multi-sensory learning.

Steph provides in-person training, coaching and bespoke consultancy, to a range of schools, services and families, as well as online support via coaching and training courses, to develop practical knowledge and skills in supporting autistic or neurodiverse individuals.

She hosts the ‘Autism Spectrum Teacher’ Podcast which shares free information relating to supporting autistic individuals.

Find Steph on Podcast: All podcast platforms ‘Autism Spectrum Teacher’

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 07784117133


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