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“Why would I put myself through that?”

By: Kate Whittlesey (The SEND Advisory Team)
Date: 25/10/2019

Early Friday morning my phone rang, number unknown.

The reason for the call was to cancel our SEND review (audit) that had been booked in for 6 weeks. I asked if they would like to re-book; in all honestly feeling a little gutted myself as I take great honour in being invited to carry out a SEND review, to which the SENCo replied “I know the government recommend yearly but I just don’t have the time and budgets are tight”.

I fully agreed with her, which took her back.

I might be running a SEND Consultative company, but I can’t deny what was said; it’s the truth.

She went on …“I am worried it will be like Ofsted coming in” and “Why would I put myself through that voluntarily?”

We chatted for a while; about work life balance, endless lists of jobs, budgets and impacts etc until we really got down to the core problem; She was afraid of someone coming into her school, criticising and pulling apart everything, then … leaving. Leaving her with a pile of mess, unanswered questions and a report resulting in… MORE WORK.

I reassured her. That is not how it should be.

We spoke about how SEND reviews are carried out; starting with a good chat about all thing SEND across the school (over a cup of tea of course!), followed by a walk around, look through books, reassure and support teachers, answering questions etc.

She suddenly seemed quite excited by the idea but it drew attention to how they can be perceived.

A SEND review should not be something to fear. An external SEND review should support the SENCo, not add to the endless list of jobs. It should be a process that you work through together, a positive experience, an experience that makes your workload easier as it provides focus points and structure for development. A process that provides value for money with a measured impact. A process that highlights the positives as well as the areas to focus on. A process that you feel empowered by, not left self- critical.

Let’s relax about them and see them as a yearly, welcoming, positive experience. Working together to develop SEND.

(Ps. Just in case your wondering what happened…The school brought forward the SEND review and gained themselves the highest-level certificate which has taken pride of place in their school reception)

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Early Friday morning my phone rang, number unknown. The reason for the call was to cancel our SEND review (audit)...
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