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Kim Griffin is an occupational therapist with over 15 years’ experience working with children, their families and educators. After seeing the long waiting times and ongoing reduction in services offered by the NHS, and the high cost of many training courses Kim decided to set up her online resources.

The goal of these resources is to provide immediate and affordable access to occupational therapy expertise for educators supporting children with SEN. Kim’s main area of focus is sensory processing, dyspraxia and autism.

Her website offers tips and strategies on supporting children with sensory differences and poor fine motor skills including pencil grasp and scissor skills. In addition, there are a range of online courses suitable for teachers, teaching assistants and parents. Topics include sensory processing, pencil grasp development and fine motor skill development.

Each course is designed to help teachers understand how difficulties might present in the classroom and also how to best support their children. Kim’s hope is that the online resources increase educator knowledge and confidence, thereby, leading to better outcomes and quicker progress for students with SEN.