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      I would add, you do need to have something in place so thst, as it was put to me by an ed psych once, “how does *****’s mum know exactly and specifically what he is working on and how well it’s going?”


        In response to lauren5’s question, I would say that currently 95% of children on our SEND register have termly targets that are reviewed. The other 5% have just been placed on the SEND register so I am working with teachers to create targets and SEND support plans. Children on targeted support are not on the SEND register but have targets reviewed once or twice during the academic year – this can sometimes be done as part of parents evening without the need for me as SENDCo. Anything to keep my ridiculous workload down!


          A few people have asked to see what our pupil passports look like. I have attached one here with our school name, logo and pupil details removed. I hope this is helpful.

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            Thank you all so much. I’m trying to get my head around a lot at the moment and am probably asking really stupid questions but I’ve not yet taken over and what is currently in place is not effective. Without wanting to rip everything apart and start again, I can’t help thinking that more useful to me, to teachers, to children and to parents than targets would be to know where the child is and to see that tracked and to know what is in place to support that child, with that being reviewed , I guess like a pupil passport, but is that an absolute no no and we need targets, or is assessing need, planning what to put in place, doing the interventions etc and reviewing enough to show the APDR process? I would absolutely have short term targets for our EHCP pupils, and for any pupils with high need (those who we will look at applying for EHCP in the future). Please help me, I can’t see what to do and knowing lots of secondary schools don’t put in targets, makes me question if this could be more effective? At the moment targets are really quite random and no different to what you would see written in their English book after a long write etc. I want whatever I do to be manageable, meaningful and have impact.


              Hi there I have similar set up to Simon and Jim. I have termly APDR process reviewing and amending targets with all identified pupils – EHCP (E) SEN Support (K) and School Support (in house monitoring at Wave 2) school monitored pupils may be well supported with targeted support and adaptive teaching but if limited progress more specialist support sought.
              With regard to pupils with EHCP their outcomes are to be achieved by end of hey stage so I work with teacher to identify key areas to work in that term and add any daily support/strategies to their plan to ensure it is clear that this support is weaved into their package of daily support.

              So difficult when each LA expects something slightly different. There are no requirements for recorded IePs but documenting the APDR process is required to be able to show journey. We do this by using a one page doc with pupil and parent voice along with current targets (usually termly but a working doc so can be altered whenever required)

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