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    Here is another training opportunity that may be of interest to SENCos or aspiring SENCos:

    Exploring the Impact of the Senses on Behaviour

    The agenda for this day can be accessed at the bottom of this post and it will run in London on the 10th of May and in Birmingham on June 28th, it is open now for early bird and group discount booking. Search Eventbrite to book.

    Behaviour is the result of two interconnected factors: the person and the environment.
    The sensory world impacts upon both of these factors. By understanding its impact we can learn to make adjustments at an individual and environmental level to better help those whose struggles with the sensory world can be expressed through behaviours that others may find challenging.

    On this day you will learn:
    The underpinning roots to behaviour triggered by sensory experience.
    Strategies you can use at an environmental level and at an individual level to help someone who is struggling and expressing that struggle through their behaviour.
    How to create simple sensory resources to support a person.
    How to create sensory environments to support a person.
    How to create a sensory flight path and support its use.
    How to communicate with someone whose behaviour has been triggered by a sensory experience.

    We will also be joined by exciting guest speaker Katie Rose White who will show us that teaching emotional regulation need not always be a chore, it can be fun!

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