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    Thanks for the thoughts. It is a difficult situation for all and I appreciate the different approaches.
    My Head has asked that we limit the exposure risk to our TAs by giving them the same 2 metre distance but when trying to subtly work 1:1 with a student to support them without drawing attention to them it is going to be extremely difficult. The teachers have black and yellow tape on the floor distinguishing their ‘bubble’ which they cannot leave while teaching but it does mean that it most rooms the TA would not have somewhere of their own to stand.

    Having the TA’s working with smaller ‘catch up’ groups would be great but I know we wouldn’t have the space available to do that. I have considered using TAs to support the blended learning option to students at home by watching a class and then delivering themselves online but this is dependent on confidence and subject knowledge.

    The guidance is very mixed. It talks about staff maintaining their distance whilst still providing the same care and provision we would normally for our SEND students but how can we do that if we are unable to be within a metre.

    I am very much looking forward to a year from now when we might be back to normal. I am very new to this role, having only just taken on my first post in February and all plans have vanished!

    Thanks for the support.