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    We were in the same position a few years ago. The student had an EHCP so we accessed the High Needs Block (it’s called Top Up in our area)to cover all his needs including the 1:1 TA and additional staffing for personal care, training for manual handling and intimate care, hoists etc. We also worked with the physios and life time nurse to identify the appropriate equipment for his needs. We were lucky, as a relative new build, we discovered by looking at the original site plans that the building does actually have a designated hygiene room (that had been taken over by PE for their washing machines) so we just had to make minimal changes. I would say go with the EHCP to your local authority with a clearly identified budget plan and throw it back at them, if they are naming you then they, under the EHCP and CoP have the responsibility to support the education of the child – don’t take no for an answer!