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    Learning to listen is a series of activities focusing on drooping listening skills for different purposes , to find out things, to remember , to understand and lastly for enjoyment So students take part in activities like listening to music , listening to sounds in a room with eyes closed while we hide a set of jingling keys , listening Iti instructions to make a craft … all aiming to develop of habit of taking turn, making eye contact , listening intensely while recognising differences between remembering things when interested vs when not interested
    Restorative justice you can google is about all
    Staff and students having restorative conversations after any incident or affected relationship to. Identify how the other person felt , what did the perpetrator gained, was it something that will help for the future in a hope to mend the relationship by talking things out so the same issue dies not repeat and affect relations again and again It’s done from a template script but can go as deep as it needs to till people realise that every word and every action has an impact on all parties