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    Hi again Ben,
    If I understand correctly, it sounds like the target on the EHCPs that you have is a general one that has been copied across the students.
    There aren’t specific schemes of work that I am aware of (I’ve worked in this area for 10 years plus) but there are ways to build it up.
    The p-level descriptors can give you an idea of pinpointing where you would feel the students are, and then you can create targets and supportive sessions based around this; Emotional awareness is simply too vast, so no wonder you are unsure.

    Is it the awareness within themselves? Zones are excellent for this. And in which case, I would consult with an OT for more advice.

    Is it for recognition of emotions in others? Lots of speech therapists have programs on this, so if you have an SaLT associated with your school, I would work in conjunction with them.

    Is it to develop empathy? In which case, drama games that are sensory based are often a great way in for this, as are social stories. There is training available on how to write social stories, and the work of Carole Grey is a great starting point to get deeper into this. ( . This also gives a brief detail of how to write and use them effectively

    Emotional skills through play is also another angle. There is a scheme called Identiplay, that you may find that suits your perspective.

    If you would like further advice off from the forum, send me your email address and I shall contact you that way.

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