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    Some really good suggestions already. I added some. I work in a large secondary school:
    1) One sheet page of information on each child on the SEND register. Bullet pointed breif strategies, likes, dislikes and a photo of the child. (Interview child and discuss with parent).
    2) Centralised system of sharing this information with teachers (attaching docs to SIMs as a doc, Google docs, Mint Class attachment, shared drive etc). Don’t print! Means you can keep them updated regularly.
    3) SEND register reviewed so that children who have made progress are removed.
    4) An SEND “Ever 3” list of students who have been a “k” in the last three years to monitor progress.
    5) Decide on the diagnostic criteria for inclusion on SEND reg (Number of behaviour points, CATS score floor threshold etc, teacher reports, concern forms, levels).
    6) Regular professionals meetings with pastoral staff to assess, discuss students and share info.
    7) What does social and emotional progress look like and how will you measure it? Set up a system.
    8) Ensure that all interventions are recorded with baseline data and monitoring assessments a regular intervals to ensure the intervention has an impact. If not try something else. Remember these form part of an assess, plan, do, review.
    9) All staff training such as Autism Education Trust or what ever priority you feel is needed
    10) Establish a good system of reporting concerns. (Concern form on Google forms attached to an email address for SEND with a link on staff desktops? or similar)
    11) SEND email address on the school website for communication. Allows parents to report concerns using same form.
    12) Review SEND policy to update and ensure information is easily available through the school website for parents and OFSTED. Very important as statutory duty.
    13 ) Plan annual reviews in advance.
    14) Ensure you know the SEN Code of Practice inside out!