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    Hi. I’m Richard Nurse and I am the founder of picturepath. It’s a digital visual timeline which can be shared between home and school and replaces all the laminated and printed timelines (and all the hassle that comes with printing and maintaining them). It’s being really widely used at the moment by parents and schools. I’ve been speaking to sencos who think it has the potential to help a lot with transition back to school. If a child is using picturepath routines at home and is used to ticking off their activities then when they come back to school they will have some continuity. If you want to learn more or book a demo then go to http://www.mypicturepath.com. If a school signs up to use picturepath next year then it’s free to use for the rest of this school year. We’ll also upgrade parents to the premium version which allows them to create multiple routines and share the timeline with other family members. Hope this is helpful. Richard