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    I have recently purchased bsquared. It was easy to purchase online. Costs us £1950 for first year, we bought the second size package- enough for 60 children. It will cost £300 for year now set up. The set up was quick too. I uploaded an excel spreedsheet of our pupils with SEN. Each pupil can be assessed for reading, spelling, writing, number, measure and shape, science. I do not use all assessment options . There are 10 progressive steps for each subject. EYFS is roughly step 1 and 2, year 6 is roughly step 8. The sheet shows a box for each objective, which is a very small step. You then can click the box to colour it to show the child’s success. There are lots of options. I use just 3.

    The idea is that the child progresses through the steps and has a percentage score in order to record progress, for example Autumn 1 Jack is working at step 3, 25% , Autumn 2 now working at step 3 81%.

    We like it because staff can update after a lesson, instant feedback with percentage progress, easy to track. Easy to share with parents.
    I like it because I can pull off who group or individual progress with a few clicks.

    Down side: long time to baseline, not enough logins for each teacher to have own.