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    Good morning Kimberley,

    Its certainly difficult times and we don’t know how long we will be at homeschooling children.
    I work for a company called Whizz Education who are accountable for learning outcomes in Mathematics.
    Its an personlised, indivdual programme for each child regardless of their ability and it works.
    We cover the national curriculum from reception to year 8 and we work with thousand of schools workdwide to accelarate progress.
    Baseline assessments to determaine their ‘Maths Age’
    Interactive exercises and tests tailormade to that students to be used at school and home and we gurantee 18 months progress on avaerage in 12 months of use.
    For further information and an online demo, please look at our website –
    or call me on 07884 583682
    Punam ( Education Advisor )