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    I’m in an infant school – not sure what age range you work with?

    We use: nursery – TEACCH approach embedded, support for least able within small group, ECAT

    FS2 – ECAT, ECAM, basic skills (linked to gaps on profile targeted to needs), we are running a physical maths group this term too for those struggling still to recognise numerals & link to fixed amount

    Year 1: Max’s Maths (freely available on line), Lexia, Beat Dyslexia, Write From The Start, Busy Hands (like the old Pindora’s Box) , Better Words, Phonics boosters

    Year 2 Beat Dyslexia, Dyscalculia Toolkit activities, Write From The Start, Busy Hands, Better Words, Phonics Boosters

    I also take a small group of struggling learners from year 2 each morning for personalised work based on their PIVATS assessment.

    We use other things in class – personalised to ieps etc – but these are the measurable ones.

    Love to see what others are using.