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    I worked in international schools previously which often meant our SEND students travelling for long periods of time during the academic year. This obviously threatened the consistency of their education but the key learning point for me was to never assume you know what support they’ll be getting at home. It sounds slightly defeatist (although that’s not my intention) but wellbeing for the student must come first in these turbulent times. They need to learn to adapt to their new routine and surroundings before imposing any form of curriculum on them.

    That being said, I now work at TLC LIVE (online lesson providers) and we’ve had quite a lot of schools contact us needing some form of consistency for SEND/vulnerable students. For some students, the online lessons and rapport built with the online teacher serve as a consistent part of their day that flows between home and school – closure dependent. Also, there’s a team who have the job of just monitoring attendance meaning they call home if a child is missing from a set lesson time so there’s that reassurance too.

    Also – the world of EduTwitter is offering so much at the moment! It’s so empowering to see educators offering so much support and advice to each other!