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I work in primary which is different but have a similar number of SEN children. I only do IEPs for those with multiple needs – ie if they’re just on one intervention they don’t get one. I identify IEP children via pupil progress meetings. I then run an IEP staff meet where staff update IEPs – but I’m on hand to ask about appropriate targets or SMART wording. The IEP always includes the primary area of need so in high school I would expect that to be English, maths or behaviour in the majority of cases. It might be generic reasonable adjustments for all lessons and you would have to think about who needs to implement this and also how it is shared so all staff are aware of it. Staff should review IEPs for all pupils they work with so they are aware! The person who mostly deals with the need should write and implement targets.
We have 3 parents meetings a year so share IEPs at that point, I only need to meet parents for children with high needs funding block allocation or who I am applying for high needs funding or ehcp, or if I need EP consent etc. For them I fill in the bigger plan suggested by County but use the IEP to write the provision map and parts of that plan. Parents can also ask to see me at any point.