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    Hi there,
    I we put in in class and small group intervention from EYFS. If there is an obvious SaL need we suggest assessment the same for pupils with motor diffs we refer to OT (both funded by parents). there is no formal or informal assessment done until yr 4 ( I am SENCo of yrs 4-8 and would really like assessment to be done by the SENCo of the Pre Prep so we can put LS in place earlier.)
    I have my own SEN intervention and monitoring register in which I have all children receiving and kind of support ie. 1:1, group, SaLT. OT, in class.
    I only put the following children on the official SEN Register (SLASC who are performing at a significantly lower level than their peers (nationally) or who have a diagnosed difficulty EG hearing diffs, ASD,ADHD. Medical, Physical disability et.
    Re the accessibility and Disability Policy for the School I have written ours in conjunction with our estate manager and director of Teaching and Learning.
    RE Plan Do Review……I am failing miserably in that department as we have so many pupils where parents are requesting assessment that I am struggling to get this in place. my feeling is that their are fewer who need this than parents think. We have measures in place in the classroom with plenty of assessment DATA to monitor progress – our class teachers then implement suggested strategies and we review termly where possible.