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    I have a yellow file for each year group, divided into an alphabetical index , that contains hard copies of concern forms, individual learning plans , and action plans for each child. For each child, these are files chronologically, most recent on top.
    I also have a document called Noticing a Child which is per year group and contains a summarised log of meetings with parents/therapists/teachers as we him through the year. That goes at the front on each yellow folder.
    I also have these on one drive and share them across year groups as well as with the ks leader and the head. I give them a heads up when I add to the document.
    I print the updated version in October, April and June. I also give the head an updated hard copy of the electronically shared register.
    Yes, admin takes up a lot of time but I must admit it also keeps me sane because I cannot possibility remember all the Children, let alone their profiles and even less all the meetings I have had.