Be cautious with Exact.
    The Word Recognition test can be prone to error, especially if several students are being tested at the same time: you may not use this test for AA anyway, though it could be a pointer for further testing.
    The instructions for the Reading Comprehension Speed test can be misleading, and it needs very clear additional instructions from the assessor in the room to ensure the time taken is reliably recorded, and the speed is correctly calculated. In a case like this, I would test that student with the parallel test, one-to-one, monitoring him or her carefully, and see if you get a similar result.
    The standardisation for 16+ students is not reliable – large proportions of young people were excluded from the sample on which the standardisation is based. (No students at 6th Form Colleges, F E Colleges, or in apprenticeships, were included in the sample)

    GL intend to fix these problems sometime in the future.

    JCQ do not prescribe a list of acceptable tests unfortunately. It’s not clear whether an AA inspector knows what might be a valid test to justify a particular application – does anybody know whether this is an inspector’s responsibility?