But the thing is that what is being missed and yet what is stressed is that you cannot use a single score below SS85 in that many scenarios as evidence of sufficient need with great confidence!!! lucid Exact has been seen as a screener because the tests are not individually reliable enough on their own- personally I have some reservations, but I have investigated and am assured that within a body of more evidence of the student needing more time, for example , if you have a score <ss85 on the sentence comprehension it can be entered in section c. Similarly, if spelling is unrecognisable you can use a low spelling score as evidence for a scribe- but words must also be unrecognisable as the target word, not phonetically plausible.
If a student gets a range of scores between SS 85 -89 on other tests, there is clear need for 25% extra time, and then gets SS 84 on lucid exact sentence comprehension ( of course administered by a qualified person for EAA) you can use this score.
So I’ll be short answer is yes, but there are conditions or the need for a wider frame of reference.