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    So very interesting things have happened. Not only did my office get moved but a) it got moved right next to the two head’s offices and right next to the staff room and b) I got to keep my original room too!!! Wow.
    So I designed my office with a desk for my admin stuff and a small round table+4chairs for meetings with parents and teachers. My old room ( which I used to call the bubble room) is now a whole school bubble room for all kids: to be used for when any staff need a space to chat with a child or when a space is needed for an adult to facilitate dialogue between groups of children. The bubble room has a whiteboard(to draw social pictures in – stick people, social diagrams of class social group dynamics), a sofa, chairs with soft toys sitting around, a coffee table to put our snack on during break time meetings and posters on all sorts of social and emotional tips/concepts. There’s also an old sleeping bag that can open up for sitting on the floor chats with tinier ones. Ill also be running my daily 20 minute phonics drill with reception kiddies. So exciting!
    Already being physically close to management and staff i can see I am having sooooo many more conversations with teachers, TAs and STM. Weird how just changed location looks like it’s going to completely change my role.