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    We’ve had it for a few years and I personally love it. It creates both one page profiles and IEPs meaning it will lend it to whichever system you choose.
    There is a tool to review the plans and then move it on using a clone and create a new plan document.
    It has lots of suggestions for strategies that staff could use in their lessons and how it would work.
    It also has a provision mapping tool which is really useful if you need to show what you have in place to support your youngsters and how much it would cost.
    Its really easy to maniulate too, you can access from anywhere that has a internet connection.
    You can set access to the site too so your teaching staff can read but not over write the plans
    See the costings/or just the provisions in place.
    You can add documents to indiviuals profiles – I usually attach SALT reports and ECHPs etc.
    So all in all – I’d recommend it