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    I had a room once and found it important not to make it a “teaching space” it was an “escape” place where kids (and more often than not adults) could come to let off steam.

    It started with a nice big hexagonal table and chairs

    Other than that, some things that worked were…

    Keep the colours neutral and not to stimulating.
    Have some quiet music.
    Beanbags and/or a small sofa (parents are always changing their sofas and you might get this for free!)
    LEGO – lots.
    Mindfullness colouring books / photocopiable – there is not enough colouring in school and children need it for downtime/engagement.
    A large biscuit tin (with biscuits in it) – this can be very motivating!
    Try and get a sink in it so that you can make drinks.
    Some noise cancelling headphones / ear defenders.
    A light tube.
    Blackout blinds.
    Hot water bottles or microwavable heat pads (for period cramps etc.) (this assumes you have a kettle or microwave so add them to the lis!)

    Have fun with it.