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    Shucks John and your SLT knowledge just gets put to the wayside because of the admin horror movie. I’m heartbroken, for you, for the kids who could so benefit from your knowledge and skills, for the school that could be a haven for so many children you could add learning for. 😡 Give yourself the time your gp is giving you to just stay still for a bit and let yourself heal from the huge effort you have put in to keeping things going. Then take a step back and turn this into an opportunity. Rather than placing your attention on who’s to blame (It’s not the who that will bring the solution but the how) look at it systemically- what in the existing system is not working. A 5 fold increase is horrendous- and what worked before doesn’t necessarily work for these numbers. Ours tripled in 2 years and we all lost our balance- including the head. But she’s amazing and has started the ship in a completely new direction: that has hurt but is working. There is loss and these is celebration of new horizons. But take it slowly. Give it time.