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    Hi Karen, I’m a SENCo (ALNCo) in Wales and am currently in dispute with the Head over this very problem (and I’m also SLT!). GP has signed me off with work related stress, referred myself to OH who back me and my union also back me.
    My issue is that 5 years ago a 50% teaching timetable was just about manageable, but the role has changed so much e.g.. a 5 fold increase in pupils with statements together with a new pupil centred review form which is now 21 pages long ( not to mention 14 other initiatives I’m now responsible for). I’m now unable to fulfil my core role of advising colleagues, organising interventions etc.
    I won’t be back on Monday as through counselling advice, I now recognise that this is not my ‘failing’, it’s not a problem created by me and the Head gets paid big bucks to sort this out! I’m prepared to compromise but am not going to roll over.
    I’ll keep you updated! Best wishes