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    Yes, it’s not a uniform system I’m afraid with terminology, although arguably it should be
    Some authorities require you to show how the AWPU amount of 4k is spent as well
    The 6k max notional budget is not ring fenced and schools use this for all sorts of things such as staff wages and interventions but it should be spent on SEND… Should!
    One thing to note however….EHCP children with funding….. All the 6k of “graduated response” money (IE the notional amount) and any additional funding top up they get is THEIR MONEY AND RING FENCED TO THEM and how it’s spent should be shown on the provision map you create for them.
    Business managers may try to tell you differently!
    EHCP children should have at least 10k each. 4K AWPU (average weighted pupil unit, for light, heart, deals, pens, pencils…. The workings of a school) given to every school and 6K notional from the government.. So theoretically there’s a minimum of 10k for EHCP children plus any extra funding they may get…… Sometimes it’s a battle to get the Notional amount spent properly

    Good luck!