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    Hi I use Superflex and Be A Social Detective, from Thinking Books.

    Superflex is a super flexible thinking Superhero from Social Town. But there are Unthinkable in social town that affect everybody and stop them being flexible thinkers.

    Rovkbrain gets you to try one strategy over and over even when it isn’t working, or not stop when you’re asked, glassman shatters into a thousand pieces if he doesn’t win, topic twister keeps changing the subject, was funny once tells the same joke too many times, the body’s matcher makes you take your body out of the group, energy Harey makes you fidget and not listen etc etc. There are specific Superflex strategies to defeat each Unthinkable.

    I’m using it at the moment with a group of 8 SEN year 2s and they love it and are identifying others behaviour as specific unthinkables 4 wks into the program – next step, seeing it as their own behaviour!

    It is intended for slightly older children with adhd, asd etc but I’ve adapted it and the conceptand explicit social thinking teaching works in KS1.