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    Hi Louise,

    Welcome! So pleased you found us ok and have been able to post – I was about to contact you privately over LinkedIn to see if you wanted the link to be able to post.

    Louise mentioned on LinkedIn about pulling together SENCo’s from the ME and I have advised that she pop onto here as I know there are a few of you that might appreciate the link. It is always great to have people closer to you and that are in similar situations. I am always able to travel out and support but having a consultant out is not the same as having a network that you can develop; it is so vital to everyone for the day to day conversations, sharing resources and meet ups.

    I work mainly in the UK but do travel internationally – if you do form a group and end up with face to face networking, let me know and I will try and arrange a visit (to co-inside with other appointments!) Be great to pop into one of your sessions (wherever that may be in the world!!)

    Look forward to hearing how this develops, thanks to Louise.