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    Hi Ali,

    The reason I asked those questions is because each approch used has to depend on the individuals needs. This is person centred care!
    One approch may be great for one young person but not for another.

    I completely agree with Sarah’s analogy about fitting a square peg into a round hole.

    Therapeutic approaches are tools and each do have a time and a place. Asking a ABA therapist to help with a sensory behavioural difficultly would be like using a philips head screwdriver when a flathead screwdriver is required.

    The individuals needs should be central to the therapy and then the approch would then be selected to meet those needs. We wouldn’t select the approch first! The PEOP model is great for this.

    We might use a modified ABA approach to analyse behaviours but then Ayres SI and CBT to modify/ replace behaviours, and promote engagement.
    Or we I might use a sensory profile to identify the core root of a behaviour and then a Wilbager protocol to manage tactile defensive traits.

    All different approaches, each have a time and a place!

    Hope this helps you to get the young person/ people the help they require.