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    Is this Mears/Irlens, also known as visual stress, and requiring tinted paper/lenses/backgrounds on whiteboards etc to stop text wobbling or running together?

    If so, I doubt it – my daughter was diagnosed with this by an optometrist back in year 2, and was not allowed extra time on her SATS despite needing extra time as an accommodation in class generally. Irlens is also not recognised by the NHS. I have to pay privately for her colourimetry tests and lens tints on her glasses, which was easier than convincing her school(s) she needs pink backgrounds on everything.

    Irlens is commonly (around 50% of dyslexics have visual stress) co-morbid with dyslexia (my daughter, who is now year 10, may also be dyslexic – memory, organisation, attention, spelling all poor, hates reading, doesn’t comprehend all she reads but finds it tiring, tracking is awful – but I have not had her tested and school don’t wish to use EP hours) – your student may also be dyslexic. ADD may also be co-morbid and can also cause attention and reading difficulties.