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    Yes there is a deadline as I mentioned, 4 weeks from the date of the review, plus 15 days for parents to feedback.

    By law the parents must have been contacted in that time frame. If it was several months ago the parents could have had the information and not known what it was. I recently dealt with a similar case in that the LA changed the named school on a plan (without a review), however the parents did not appeal within the 15 day timeframe so they are effectively stuck with a placement which doesn’t work for their child, making the whole EHCP meaningless. We are doing what we can to support to get them through to complete some examinations as they only have a year of secondary left.

    Brutal as it is, if you are in a state setting or Section 41 school, that child should no longer be attending your setting and shouldn’t be on your role, as you will no longer be named. It’s slightly different if you don’t work in those settings as parents can choose other options like independent schools but would have to self-fund. The LA is directly responsible for them and making sure they are attending the named provision and the school has no say in this scenario.

    Kind regards.