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    A few suggestions that may help you:

    – Review the child’s Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) thoroughly to understand their specific needs and the support they require.
    – Meet with the parents and carer to gain insight into the child’s daily routine, preferences, and any additional needs that may not be detailed in the EHCP.

    – Assess the existing resources at your school, including staff trained in BSL, AAC, and other relevant support tools.
    – Determine if your staff need additional training or if new resources need to be acquired.

    – Ensure that your school is physically accessible for a child whose movement is supported by an adult. This includes evaluating classroom layouts, playgrounds, and bathroom facilities.

    – Discuss with your team the feasibility of having a dedicated support person, like a teaching assistant, who can work closely with the child.
    – Consider how the current full-time carer and parent involvement might transition into the school setting.

    – Reflect on your school’s inclusive practices and how you can integrate the child into regular classroom activities while providing the necessary support.
    – Plan for how to foster an inclusive and accepting environment among the other students.

    – If possible, propose a short trial period or phased introduction to see how the child adapts to the new environment and how effectively your school can meet their needs.

    – Seek advice from external specialists such as occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, and physiotherapists who may already be involved with the child.
    – Establish a collaborative approach with these professionals to ensure continuity of care and support.

    – Plan for regular reviews and assessments to monitor the child’s progress and adapt support as necessary.

    It’s crucial to maintain open communication with the family throughout the process to ensure you are meeting their expectations and the child’s needs effectively.