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    I’m my experience in KS1, no, they will just let you potter along until they have to act.

    We found that seeking alternative provision was the only way to avoid exclusions in s number of cases.

    The “emergency annual review* process did not ‘work’ in terms of the LA actually sending out consultations.

    Of course if there is an incident that leads to (a completely lawful and unchallengeable) exclusion not related to the pupils SEN, responsibility for the education of the child falls to the LA. In that situation, they have a deadline to provide some education although it’s often limited in scope eg 2 hours a week with a tutor in a local village hall or an hour a day online with a TA, and can go on some time. If you have a local.PRU with spaces that could be the way to go, depending on need.

    It’s late to arrange change of place for September this year – as in all places are likely allocated – so if there is a preferred alternative setting you will need to think about September 2025.