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    Have these pupils got EHCPs? If so programmes expected will be outlined in these. If not have they seen an EP? There will be suggestions in there too.


    Zones of regulation, super flex, social stories may be appropriate. Colourful semantics / shake coding, Time to Talk are good programmes/strategies.

    Curriculum – plan from need matched to key stage topics .

    When I worked in a speech and language centre I used to plan as much as possible around a book for each term because they needed to hear the same words all day long, multiple times, to embed the vocab. However I was *extremely* careful to ensure all learning was objective led not just tangential random stuff related to the book so it may have been about the book we were looking at in English but our art, re, dt, geography history etc was related but purposeful and met the curriculum. The jey was choosing the books extremely carefully.
    I used to teach FS2 and KS1 and plan from reception/ year 1/year 2 (working at PIVATS P4 to P8) on a rolling programme as pupils were mixed age. So the curriculum was age appropriate but the tasks and content adapted to their actual level.