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    Elklan. Speech & language issues have massive overlap with many other types of SEN and 2 in every class (statistically) will have DLD. Whilst teachers are typically good at spotting speech sound production disorders, language difficulty often goes under the radar until KS2 when it’s become harder to work with.

    There are/were loads of free dyslexia courses on Nessy appropriate to KS1.

    Becoming a dyslexia assessor would make your parents happy and give you a useful & marketable skill – but would it actually make much difference to the pupils? Depends on how skilled your intervention staff are.

    Autism Education Trust offer various courses and some LAs are signed up to their Autism advocates/ champions scheme.

    Nurture. This is a huge issue in increasing numbers of schools – trauma based emotional and social difficulties. Nurture approaches aim to mend some of the missing skills/attributes/ experiences identified via the Boxall. Or Trauma Informed, or Thrive.