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    Social stories are useful even for older kids, don’t do your own version get the book and learn the proper process, Thinking Books also have good resources, the Zones of regulation books were developed for teens and include bits of Superflex which might be a bit young but depends on character of the YP, special interests etc, all about being less rigid and more flexible, noticing how others feel etc

    Kathy Hoopman wrote a series of “Asperger Adventure” stories that are detective books but include tips in getting in with friends etc embedded on them. Not sure if the name has been updated now Asperger’s isn’t in the DSM.

    I think with older children it’s sometimes more about looking at situations and explaining where they went wrong and strategies for repair. I’ve used comic strip software before to act out a recurrent tricky situation & add “think bubbles” to each character to explain how certain unexpected behaviours in a given situation gave others “uncomfortable thoughts” (in zones of regulation speak) about others at each stage of the interaction.

    My daughter was DX Asperger’s age 8, 21 now & just graduated , I used books like “Queen Bees & Wannabees” to explain teen relationships to her at high school. She rolled her eyes when I gave her the book, but the spine is now worn white.