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    HI – Definitely contact the physio team – they should be showing the TA beforehand the exercises and definitely risk assess. Some physio programmes require two adults and unless this is built into an EHCP plan in terms of funding in Section F – it may be difficult for schools to put a physio programme in place that requires more than one adult unless it can be deemed a reasonable adjustment.
    Check that this is a school programme and not a home programme that is being asked by parents to be placed in school. Although it is a need for the child, it may not need to be a school need. We have undertaken physio programmes for children whose curriculum needs adaptation due to physical needs Ie; the pupil is in wheelchair and requires daily physio to maintain muscle movement but not for a child that accesses the curriculum and requires a short term physio programme. It comes down to the ‘reasonable adjustment’ issues – Have a read of the following – it may provide a framework although it is little old from 2015.