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    I would echo Louise’s comment here. Cost out the actual cost of providing the provision in Section F (include cost of teaching staff, teaching assistants, SENCo time, time of any other specialists e.g. service level agreements or other professionals involved, even staffing to cover unstructured time if that is needed, plus any assistive tech that might be needed. This is easy to tot up over the 6k ‘notional’ budget if you are in a state school.

    Ultimately it’s up to the parents to argue for provision to be clearly spelt out in Section F (SMART) e.g. “30mins of x, daily” some parents would need support to challenge this but there are lots of networks of support that can be accessed e.g. SENDIASS or IPSEA. If its still in draft they have time to challenge a poorly written plan. You have time to clearly outline whether you could or could not support needs even using best endeavors.