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    It is possible to fast-track an ASC/ADHD diagnostic pathway. Parent goes to GP and ask for the ‘Right to Choose’ pathway for diagnosis, backed by a school letter and a completed Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire our SEND department can supply these). The Right to Choose means that the NHS must let you choose to have diagnosis via an NHS-approved list of private clinical psychologist who can diagnose ASC/ADHD, thus fast/tracking diagnosis and bypassing Early Help and Triple P elements which are built into the CAMHS referral. The GP and not the school must submit the referral; though many GPs wrongly think the referral comes from the school.
    In some Cambridgeshire practices, the GP’s response can be refusal, or some GPs will say this option is not available. GPs are just gatekeepers to the NHS and not all are aware of the law and your rights. If you are a Facebook-user, you could think about joining the group ‘Children with ADHD/Autism Diagnosis – Right to Choose Support – (England). Furthermore, there is clear guidance on the Right to Choose here: ADHD Diagnosis Pathways (Children) – ADHD UK and here Right to Choose – ADHD UK. On the second link there is a downloadable letter to give to your GP is they have declined parental request for Right to Choose at first appointment.
    Other than that, use downloadable Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire and a sensory audit