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    Hi Sarah
    I am seeing a number of schools set up SEN rooms onsite to support the high number of children who are just not able to access the national curriculum. I see it work well when
    – There is a qualified SEN teacher employed
    – There is a focus on setting up structure – including morning circle, sensory stories, bucket time interlinked with free flow play and outdoor play
    – There is sufficient staffing to support the children’s needs and risks
    – The classroom set up is adequate – a reception style set up with outdoor area space and ideally a breakout room is ideal
    – There is progression in the activities – it may be that the same activities occur for 2-3 weeks, but things change rather than stay the same

    I see it work poorly when
    – There is no structure
    – There is no support from qualified teaching staff to set targets/goals and embed curriculum targets

    Depending on where you are – there may be other schools to visit to see how they have set it up. It would also likely be helpful to visit and observe in a well organised special school to see what they classroom day could look like.

    Good luck. Kim