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    Oh I know where you are coming from Anita; and found myself nodding throughout.

    I am however, delighted to say that I have been invited to facilitate the delivery of the new NPQ in one region. My decision to agree was based on the thinking that rather than pass judgment prior to knowledge of the delivery, content and assessment, I would facilitate a group and gain an indepth knowledge of what it is ‘all about’.

    Having been one of the first to ‘take’ the NASENCo, I agree that it left me ….’wanting’…. and I anticipate that this may also leave us ‘wanting’.

    However, on the positive side, I think that bringing our passion and profession into line with NPQH, NQSL, NPQEL, etc is a really good step for recognising us as a team of professionals. I then think how we attempt to shape it from there is down to us as a team.

    I am hoping that being on the ‘inside’ may enable me a more valid voice. What I also know from over 20 years in education is, there is no one perfect solution for every child, parent, teacher, school, curriculum, context, unfortunately.

    I definitely do stand with your concerns.