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    Hi, my name is Abi and I work for a non-profit organisation called Play Included. We are supported by the LEGO® Foundation and we have some free resources for schools. Here’s the link to our Building Friendships programme.

    Play Included is a registered Community Interest Company. We believe that play has the power to help all young people grow. We are a hub of effective, playful and trusted approaches that support social development, communication and emotional wellbeing. We particularly champion using LEGO play to create joyful and effective experiences for neurodivergent young minds.

    We also train education and healthcare professions in the Brick-by-Brick®programme, which is the latest thinking in LEGO brick based therapy. We also carry out research and we are already working with many schools and mental health wellbeing teams in the NHS. Here are some links to our learning and research.
    Training –
    Research and Case Studies –
    The Brick-by-Brick® programme –

    I hope you find this of interest. You may also want to look at Elsa Support here is their website –
    Best wishes,