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Hi, speech and language therapist here.

I work at Speech & Language Link. We have 3 packages that would support you:

Infant Language Link
Junior Language Link
Speech Link (for speech sounds, suitable for ages 4-8)

The first two are receptive language screens. All are software packages, created by therapists and contain interventions and resources too.

If you want to try it out before deciding whether to go ahead, you can access 3 free assessments for each package – so you can carry out 9 assessments in total for free and access reports for each. You don’t have to provide card details, it’s a 1 minute sign up, then you are on your way. The period you can access the packages is for 2 weeks, if you are curious and want to have a go – I would recommend signing up now, and request to start after the Spring holidays. Click this link to sign up:

Hope this helps and gives you a taste of what there is out there. Please do ask questions if you have any!